SwanoDown SitDown w/ Black United Studios (Report)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Many people aspire and yearn for change. 

Occasionally, those changes can be small and subtle things. How often do we want to rearrange the furniture in our living room or get a new a carpet? Maybe we even plan on leaving our job to start our own companies, but can't find the right moment or circumstances to do so. 

And then- you have social environments like we're in now, where the want for change isn't enough, and the action taken to make change is all that counts. 

Let me introduce you to Samantha Frost, and Rihan Mosher. Two visual artists, who have decided to take control of what they can, and play an important role in today's social revolution. In doing so, Frost and Mosher, launched, Black United Studios, an online organization dedicated to highlighting black creatives, and giving them an extra platform to sell/promote their work. 

Frost told SwanoDown:

"Rihan and I are both artists. We've been friends for almost 10 years. For us, being artists has always been an important aspect of our lives. We both were impacted by George Floyd's murder, and the consistent police brutality that's been happening in [The United States]. We wanted to combine our love for art with supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and supporting black artists. Honestly black artists never get the exposure they deserve. This is a way for us to make change that felt true to ourselves."

For centuries, artists have been pivotal pieces within social action. Devin Allen's iconic images from the 2015 Baltimore Uprising, and Andy Warhol's chilling, Death & Disaster series, are examples of the impact creators/curators have on movements. 

Rihan Mosher stated:

"...It's what you see. I think people underestimate that power. Artists are able to create something that can be spread, and sent to people now in the digital age. A message can be spread visually, and it can be better than words. "It" can become a visual metaphor. It's huge."

Mosher continued, and spoke about the effect of representation and lack their of, amongst black artists, saying that, Black United Studios, will be used as another tool for widespread inclusion/networking. 

The passion in Frost's voice was evident, as she followed up, stating: "It's important to emphasize human connection and emphasize empathy, so people can really connect with the importance of this issue." 

You can follow Black United Studios on Instagram @black_united_studios

Check out their website: 


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