SwanoDown SitDown w/ BobbyJayTv [Fashion]

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Fashion has been an embedded staple for many cultures. Not just fashion in the sense of style, but also regarding overall attire. What we wear, can be solely reliant on "where we wear." Heading to a wedding? Suit or tux. Driving to the gym? Toss on some sweats. But- in the juncture of becoming a public figure, each time you're seen, your outfit decision, holds a more weight. 

BobbyJayTv, is in the midst of his journey. Currently becoming a prominent social fgure in the fashion world. From his Instagram, it's evident that Jay has the tools to make it happen. A Keen sense of pizzazz, color, and overall panache. 

With completion in the fashion world being dense, finding yourself, and extending beyond the masses can be a grind. We had a chance to talk with Jay about his current experiences through the business, and what he's obtained on the way. 

He told SwanoDown: 

"...I'm very big on looking different. I love to create stuff. [My career] started by me being different, making my own style, looking different from everybody else I went to school with. Me being different helped me stand out a little bit more than everyone else in my city." 

Being that Jay seemed to focus on having a differing style than most of his peers, we asked him to dive deeper into what his different is.

"Different is... somebody can look at you and say: 'oh damn, where did he get that from?' Where does he shop? Clothes or things. It's not basic." BobbyJay stated. 

Here at SwanoDown, we're not just about fashion- music is our foundation, and we're grounded in the basis of it. Though, music and fashion seem to be inseparable. Bobby spoke on that a bit. 

He asserted: 

"Sometimes the clothes that an artists is wearing confirms the things that they're saying." 

Jay continued, honing in on Hip-Hop artists, and Rockstars, expressing that the lifestyle that artists in those genres portray have to be matched with what they wear in order to "confirm" their lyrics. "That's just the way things are set up." Said Jay. 

Being in this neo era of fashion marketing via social media, Bobby had some solid advice for current and aspiring social icons. 

"It all comes down to how bad you want something. If you want something so bad, you'll never stop. You're desperate for it. So my advice for the young people, keep going. Even if nothing is happening, or seems like your career's not taking off. Your career could take off the next day. You can't just give up today. ...On social media, you never know who's watching you. You could post a video, you could post for the creativity. It could go viral. And maybe someone important with a connection can be watching you. Keep working, keep networking, keep reaching out to people. That's what I'm always doing. "

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