SwanoDown SitDown w/ Carly Butler

Written by Lucas Ballard 

The heartbreak genre is one of the most polarizing avenues of music. Lost love is a feeling that almost everyone experiences at some point. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Carly Butler has been telling her story through guitar and melody heavy tracks. In her songs, there are themes of emotional intelligence, as she understands that there have been issues, but there have also been memorable and  positive elements in her relationships. 

Butler has found her style and has continued to polish her sound through a multitude of singles and via her album, Temporary Fix. During her move from Nashville to Los Angeles, she had to end a long lasting romance causing her to feel “angry…and reminiscent of the good times.” She used this as inspiration, describing it as “the beginning and end of all the grief of losing somebody that was in their life for so long.”  Carly’s vocals are soothing as well piercing as she enforces those deliberate yet reflective statements made about her past relationships. 

Having grown up in Atlanta and completing school in Tennessee, Butler has an eclectic draw of knowledge and experiences. As an Atlantean she grew a love for r&b music and during her time at Belmont University (Tennessee) she gained appreciation for country music. Those aspects of her background allow Butler to approach music with a vast scope. 

Her vocals, can be reminiscent of Ariana Grande. In her most recent single, Coffee + Alcohol, she shows a wide range of notes and inflection. On her track, Out of Pocket, Carly speaks on the high standards of social media. Many young people often worry about their image and it becomes a real issue. Butler recognizes how flawed societal expectations are as they continue to deteriorate relationships. “I was a in short sitautionship and I ended up finding out that the reason he ended it with me is because I didn’t look a certain way,” said Butler.

She seeks to empower girls, especially since so many have experienced moments like this and subsequently not feeling good enough. 

With her wide vocal range and her strong message, Carly strives to be an impactful artist!

Look out for her singles and check out her most recent song Coffee + Alcohol: 


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