SwanoDown SitDown w/ Carmen DeLeon- Volveras

Written by Grayson Jones 

She's a very outgoing and expressive person. In our brief meeting I read the most contagiously positive book titled- Carmen Deleon. 

Carmen aspires to be a global superstar and has a drive that is inevitably propelling her in that direction. Her passion for turning hatred into optimism is a skill that is undoubtedly inspiring. Since her debut to the industry via The Voice, Carmen has been building her talent and portfolio. Her single Volveras is a perfect example of her personality- driving her musical success. 

The track 'Volveras' in English, translates to “You will come back." The message of hope meets Latin style beats. Boom chick music with a swing, creates an intimate atmosphere where the first few things you hear are the warmth from Carmen’s voice, the faint maraca/cabasa aiding the pulsation of the track, and the beauty in Carmen’s lyrics.

If you scroll through Carmen’s Instagram, you'll see that she is also ak avid dancer, and incorporates that fairly heavily in her art. 

Carmen told SwanoDown:

"I love dancing. Like… Who doesn't? Maybe I'm not a great dancer, but [when I was little], my mom wanted me to be a dancer, not singer." Carmen then listed all of the dance forms that her mother had her study. 

She continued:

"Every dance that you could imagine, I did. My family has always played [several types of music], and in my family there's always been dancing. And I love performing. So for me, whenever I do a song, I want it to be a dancing song. I want it to move."

We also spoke to Carmen about how she performs/records zealous tracks and captures so much raw emotion within her voice. She described her expressive nature as a lifestyle and said she  couldn't record the piece without being in the same mindset that the song was written in. Moving and feeling the music is a part of her creative process. The product is something that I personally can’t sit still for!  Keeping Carmen in her seat wasn't too easy either! 

Check out her single Volveras:


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