SwanoDown SitDown w/ Cheska Moore- Almost Over

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Songs have a variety of traits. Some music can be abstract, some music can lack depth, some music can embody a bit of both. Now, those are just a few examples. Though, that's one of the reasons we love art, right? It's so subjective.

Very rarely does everyone experience the same piece of work, the same exact way. We as humans have our own encounters, thoughts, and emotions. This may all be true, but at times, the story being told in a composition, can be very concise. The exactness of the story most likely comes along with an overwhelming- majority consensus. Cheska Moore's, Almost Over, gets straight to the point. 

Moore's voice,  fittingly leads the way on this piece. There is an acoustic guitar accompanying her, in an almost menacing fashion. The mood is gravitating...    minimalistically cinematic.

She sings: 

"When you wanted to be, anyone but yourself, you made your choices, so I made mine as well. Don't hold it against me, you and I both know, only way I can love you is if I let you go." 

This heartwrenching ode to her past love interest can be relatable for many. The same person you have a burning desire for, may also be the person you need to dissociate yourself from. The pros do not outweigh the cons, but those pros can be blinding. 

Moore told SwanoDown: 

"Although my lyrics don't offer much resolve to the story being told, I hope people can find solace in relating to the situation spoken about in Almost Over, and find comfort in feeling understood. The repeated line, we’re only ever almost over, is heard with increasing intensity, helping to convey the need for certainty, which I hope people can resonate with."

 Moore continued:

"Song writing has always been very therapeutic to me, I will usually write about something I’m feeling very subconsciously, so more often than not, song writing will help me realise and understand what I’m feeling before I do."

Take a listen: 


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