SwanoDown SitDown w/ Cierra Brooks

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Photo by Lukey Lenz 

If you were asked to give Cierra Brooks a title, what would you choose? Chef? Fitness guru? TV personality? When we posed the question to Ms. Brooks herself, she laughed and responded: “I do marketing and brand strategy... as a title. But all the other stuff, it’s a lot.”

Brooks works side by side with notable names like LeBron James, DJ Khaled, and P. Diddy. Though, as many success stories, this didn’t happen over night. Her steadfastness, wit, and ability to get in a room played a major role in her professional maturation.

Having an insight of what helps fledgling artist get to that next step, we asked Brooks to give some advice to artists still trying to find their way. 

“Be your authentic self. People can literally see through you if you have some type of facade, try to seem like somebody you’re not, or try to put on a front. So, you have to be your authentic self, but also know what your authentic self is. You also don’t want to do things to jeopardize where you want to go,” Brooks exclaimed.

She continued: ”Find that true balance of doing the research, seeing who your competitors are, knowing who your audience is, knowing the goal that you're trying to reach. I know so many people want to be in the industry, but it's like once you get in here, then what? What's the goal? Do you want longevity? Do you want one hit? That one banger? What do you want once you're in the industry? Have that all planned out. Have a blueprint for your career."

We asked Brooks to describe some patterns and traits that are consistent amongst those many would deem successful. She quickly responded: "Phew! They don't take no for an answer... Honestly, I can say, they only put you through what they been through. So many people want to shine like Diddy, but they don't want to grind like Puff. And, not in the sense that you're devaluing yourself. Please always know your worth. But understand you're going to have to do some things to prove yourself when it comes to this business, and you're going to have to constantly prove yourself." 

Having endeavors within the entertainment, culinary, and fitness and industries, one may wonder how she is able to strive throughout all of them. Though, for that kid who is sitting home right now with several talents and aspirations, how would Ms. Brooks advise them to figure out their path?

"Focus on the next best move. You always want to focus on the next best move. You can have tons of passions, you could have so many talents and things that you want to engage yourself in. For one, look and reflect on your life to see if they even make sense at this time. Are you even taking the right protocols and steps to do what you say you want to do? Focus in on one thing and master that. You don’t want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. So make sure you master a craft first and pursue that.”

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  • Sergio Mark Alves

    Congratulations to u on being so successful at what u love doing, because that’s one of the keys to success. I have watched u grow into the woman that u have become and I must say, I am very proud and esthetic about what u have become. Your comments have me In awe when I think about this little girl I watched grow up and the class, intellect, as well as humility that u have developed along ur journey. Please keep up the good hard work. We love you dearly!

  • Robert Lewis

    I’m sooo! Proud of you keep up the good work. It so good to see your progress and your maturity!

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