SwanoDown SitDown w/ Discrete- Stupid Things


Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Photo by Julia Håkansson

When you think about some of your favorite songs, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the bassline? The lyrics? The vocalist? Typically for me, it's the vocalist. Though, being that I am deeply entrenched in music, I tend to know the producers for most of my favorite songs, but not always. 

Producers don't always get the credit they deserve for their impact on compositions. And let's be honest, it makes sense. Humans communicate better than instruments… or do they? Artists like Kanye West, J Dilla, and Calvin Harris, all have the innate abilities to convey a story, via their manipulation of sounds. So, when artists like, Discrete, take on the task of becoming  a prominent producer in the music world, I applaud them. 

Discrete's single, Stupid Things ft. Neville, has all the attributes to be a party/radio hit. 

It's immediately evident that Stupid things, is executed by professionals. The quality is insanely clean. The sounds do not seem to be cluttered or clashing. At times, when you have strong vocals and  strong instrumentation, it can seem like they are "fighting for space" on the track, causing sonic dischord. Discrete's instrumentation, and Neville's lyrical storytelling, make for a fun and iptempo  occasion. 

Discrete told SwanoDown: 

"The making of Stupid Things, was something fairly untypical for me. Usually I write songs together with the singer/songwriter and get the vocals into the project rather early and try to work around them. Stupid Things, was an instrumental I almost finished before Neville sent over her topline, and then I had to do some small changes to give them space in the song, as needed.

Nonetheless, that’s the amazing thing with music. the creation of it, is also a creative part of the project."

He continued: 

"Before starting the “Discrete” project I only produced and wrote music for other artists, and that is something I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from while writing and producing my own compositions. I want my project to be wide in terms of genres and sound. What I mainly focus on doing what I think is “good music”- which obviously is subjective."

Discrete also exemplified how grateful he is of of his accepting and eclectic fan base. 

We at SwanoDown look forward to seeing Discrete's progression as an artists and as a human being. 

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