Written by Miles Monroe II 

All I can do is be in [the music industry] and try to make as much change as possible. - DUCKWRTH

DUCKWRTH is as vibrant and real as his music suggests. He isn’t afraid to be true to himself and portray an image that is reflective of his personality. DUCKWRTH is outspoken when on a myriad of topics, showing there are levels to him that are untapped. He is outgoing, genuine, and stands strong on his beliefs; which he attributes to his own upbringing in South Central LA. He expresses some of those feelings on his latest album, SUPERGOOD, straying away from the general narrative of today’s Hip-Hop artists. This is what separates him from the pack- and carving a lane for himself that has amassed him over 2.6 million listeners on Spotify alone.

Coming across an artist of DUCKWRTH’s caliber, his transparency is what makes him such a unique person to have a conversation with. The fact that he is aware of the cultural bias of critics/musicians in the industry puts him one step ahead of the curve. With me being here, I’m trying to get [my other homies] to be Grammy members. He wants to see younger and more diverse people within the realm of the Grammys to have a voice when it comes to voting for musical acts in various categories. From cultural trappings of African American artists to systemic racism, his awareness for what’s going on in the world has no boundaries. “For so long, we treated it as if we progressed. But it’s like, America is just as racist as it was back in the day.”

 “When you press play, [on my album], it’s supposed to make you feel Super Good.” DUCKWRTH stated.

On his latest album, SUPERGOOD, he describes it as an album that revolves around taking a girl out on a date and going to varying places along the way. He relies heavily on 70s music, from the cover of the album, to the sample placements throughout. The depths to which he travels are exciting, especially as a fan of his music. He doesn’t just have an album that plays to his description of it. DUCKWRTH explores different ideas within the realm of wooing the woman he is taking on a date. “The first half is about my fantasies about her, my own insecurities, and me trying to flex.” Songs like Quick, Kiss U Right Now and Did U Notice? are some of the few that showcases the range that he has with his creation of music. DUCKWRTH is one of those artists who can adapt to any style and excel because of his attention to detail and ability to blend music from an era where there was a celebratory undertone.

When it comes to his creative process for the album, you always will reflect on who was there with you for all the sessions. DUCKWRTH viewed the making of the album as a collaborative effort, from the producers and engineers to his management team, helping flesh out his ideas to produce a strong body of work. As colorful as SUPERGOOD is, the visuals for this album complement his artistry as well. “It’s a very specific feeling, and whatever director I work with, I [like] tell them the feeling and we get to write this story together. Like, Oh okay. That’s tight.”

For music lovers who are unaware of DUCKWRTH, you are missing out on an artist that is as creatively talented as the top artists we all know and love. His development as an artist is proven within his discography, something I’d advise to check out in order to understand his level of musical genius. Being different is what has gained him fans across the globe and with SUPERGOOD, the best is yet to come for the LA native.

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