SwanoDown SitDown w/ Erik Frank- Paradise

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Erik Frank is ready for the next level, and has more than enough to get there. 

Here at SwanoDown, we receive a lot of good music. I can confidently say, we receive good music on a daily basis. But then there are those songs/musicians that surpass the "good" label, and reach "great." 

Listening to Erik Frank on songs like "Anxiety," and "Paradise," quickly show that this guy is the real deal. Erik's voice is sculpted for mainstream appeal. His sense of melody, rhythm, and soundscape development, shine bright through his compositions. On "Paradise," you get a chance to hear Erik's controlled vocal timbre and smooth falsetto. 

Erik told SwanoDown: 

When recording Paradise, I tried to make it sound as good as possible and make myself comfortable with singing it. I just kept in mind, that people have to like it, sing along to it,  and that I have to love it too."

He continued:

"On the lyrics, I wanted people to connect to the idea of taking yourself to your “happy place,” while everything around us is going to shit [he laughed]. When zombies are attacking, I get in my head and think of us in Paradise!"

The production on, Paradise, can fit anywhere on a sunny day. The sound can slide right into your vacation playlist without missing a beat. 

Erik stated: 

"When writing a new track, I never think about anything, I just write and see where it takes me melodically. Then, I’ll try and make sense of it with the lyrics. I guess I’m very used to writing songs all the time in that way. I have so much music coming for all my fans and I really cannot wait for you to hear it. Thank you guys for taking the time to ask me such great questions!"

Put your feet up and listen to Paradise, by Erik Frank:


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