SwanoDown SitDown w/ Hunnah- Don't Want it (But I Do)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Photo by Chelsea Gaspard

It was a warm summer evening, and I was at Chili’s, gettin’ my social distancing on, when my brother and founder of SwanoDown, Imani, put me on to Hunnah. 

I’m not sure if he knew how I felt about new school R&B singers, or if he succumbed to the same infatuation that I acquired long ago. But, what I do know is, if it’s not a new school R&B singer like Hunnah, then- ‘I Don't Want It.'

Her new Single, "Don't Want it," is — and should be — the first song you listen to, and I’ll tell you why. What makes an artist stand out is usually what attracts listeners the most. But what keeps people engaged is the artist's ability to incorporate styles into their music that people still listen to and love today. Hunnah incorporates both abilities in her compositions. 

SwanoDown had the privilege to hear from Hunnah, and ask her a few questions in regards to her career, and how she maneuvers. Just from our one conversation, I could tell Hunnah is about her business and self-awareness. 

Social media is a crucial part of all artists networking and following nowadays. It’s clearly important to be involved with fans that support your music. Hunnah told, SwanoDown: “Don’t get me wrong, I love using social media platforms as a viewer, but having to self-promote is probably the worst part of being in this industry.” 

Hunnah loves her music and not the capital-driven industry that comes with it. “I try to just have fun with it and post what I feel like posting and not obsess about staying relevant. Hopefully people like the music and connect to me through that.” Hunnah exclaimed. 

She's far from any artists you have heard so far, trust me. But if I had to give an artist-style to compare her to, I would say KAYTRANADA. Nonetheless, Hunnah is her own artist, that through years,  has crafted a style that is unique. 

 Hunnah stated: 

“I don’t think I could pick other artists to describe who I am as a singer. Honestly, I’ve always found it difficult to categorize myself in general. So, I just don’t try to anymore. I just stick to making things that I’m drawn to in the moment, and being honest in what I say and how I say it musically. If it feels good to me, then that’s enough. But if I’m thinking about artists I’d admire then I’d definitely say, Nao, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Mereba and JoJo.” 

Hunnah, sits in an elevated place for me. I expect to hear her name, voice, and music against my will in the near future. Addicting is one word to describe her newest single, I don’t want it and musical rehab may be in my future. 

Check it out: 


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