SwanoDown SitDown w/ Julaiah

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Photo by Lukey Lenz 

When you experience a new song or a new artist, what exactly are you hoping to hear? Do your ears prepare for the unexpected? Do you look to find comfort in a familiar sound? Depending on the day, I can go for either of the aforementioned. However, when I was sent some of R&B artist, Julaiah's music, I was immediately allured. 

If you give records like "Diamond", and "Company", a listen, there are several aspects within these tunes that can get you hooked. Once you finally grasp the bounce and head nodding atmosphere that producer Mark Evich creates, you then are pulled in by Julaiah's soulful vocals. What impresses me most about her sound is her ability to simultaneously deliver a powerful but elegant sound. Her annunciation on lines like: "You're becoming distant.." and "I know we'll make it better," encapsulate a real conviction and standstill in time- her time.

"I draw inspiration from soul music, African-American culture." Said Julaiah

Being from Russia, just as her producer Mark Evich is, she told SwanoDown that being in the United States (Los Angeles), provides her with more inspiration within her genre, as R&B isn't as prevalent in her native country.

"Now that I'm visiting the U.S., it's the best place for me to create right now. I'm literally in that atmosphere. I meet a lot of musicians, I go to different gigs where things are original. I get more inspired while I'm here. Back in Russia, we don't have any R&B music there. I come here, and I'm in a right place. Said Julaiah.

"I would watch movies, see L.A., I go to these parties, and I hear great singers sing. That's very inspiring." She continued.

If you scroll through Julaiah's Instagram, you can see she has a very vibrant and professional landscape. This is no coincidence. One question we posed to her involved the balance that artists should have between focusing on their image, and focusing on their sound. 

"I think image and sound go hand-in-hand. We have a lot of artists who don't care about their aesthetics, they're just focused on their music. The way you look is really important, the way you want to present yourself. That's why I care so much about how my pictures look. I want the whole aesthetic to be well elaborated." She explained. 

You can stay up to date with Julaiah's Music using the link below.


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