SwanoDown SitDown w/ Justy- Expectations

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Justy just has.. it. The style, the confidence, and most importantly, the sound. 

Only a few seconds into listening to Justy's latest single, "Expectations," it was clear my ears were experiencing a bonafide professional. She takes her time on this track. Justy's confidence on Expectations adds credence to her artistry... smooth, and pleasant. Beautiful horns play during the opening moments, following Justy alerting us that: "This feels like a classy Justy record." The subtlness in her voice, coupled with the tonal quality of her singing make for a great sound.

Justy told SwanoDown:

"In the process of recording, Expectations, I was really trying to capture that soulful essence that I believe most people feel when they’re in love or falling in love. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, there is an overall warmth that one can feel and that's what I want my listeners to take in and give off."

Along with the solid vocals, and instrumentation,

Justy also displays her songwriting abilities in her melodious hook, and lyrically laced rap. It felt personal, genuine, and sincere. 

She asserted: 

"With my music almost always taking the personal route, I like to keep my narrative mixed with the emotions I feel my audience can connect to. Often times I’ll get someone saying how much they relate to the work or the lyrics- and in that, I know my art and my listeners are meeting half way."

We're looking forward to watching Justy's progression. She's off to a phenomenal start. 

Check out, Expectations:


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