SwanoDown SitDown w/ Keeana Kee- Sweet Heaven

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Hey. You. Yes, you reading this article. Thank you for being here, really appreciate it. Out of respect and full transparency, let me tell you what you're getting from this artist. 

That woman in the photo above, with the long hair, looking like a striaghtup A-List actor in a blockbuster cinema- that's Keeana Kee. She has all of the makings of an artist you want to add to your music rotation. Dope sense of melody? Check. Fearless? For sure. Stylistic? I'd say so. And on her latest track, Sweet Heaven, Keeana's attributes come out for display.

While listening to this piece, the energy and vocal abilities of Keeana stood out to me immediately. As the song progresses, it’s obvious that she has full control of this composition. Her vocal dynamics don’t fluctuate much, but everything is felt through her storytelling and developed soundscape.

Keeana told SwanoDown:

“I always hope that each of my songs can bring some healing to somebody’s soul above the fun and excitement... I put so much energy into my songs when recording them, I want for my listeners to feel me on the other side of the speakers. I want them to hear the pain in my voice when I sing about something sad, or the excitement that I have when I sing of love, positivity, and [inspiration]. The most important part for me is the energy that my listeners will literally feel listening to my voice...”

In regards to her songwriting, it’s no surprise that her approach is focused and executed with purpose. 

“I always keep my audience in mind when Im writing a song. The lyrics come out of my experience and my feelings, but the melodies- are my soul singing. I always think of the message I want to share with my audience and about the feelings I want them to experience when listening to my music. Whenever I have this chance I try to raise awareness to social issues in my songs with my lyrics and I hope to do it more and more in my music.” Stated Keeana.

Check out Sweet Heaven by Keeana Kee:


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