SwanoDown SitDown w/ Kid Travis- I Want my Hoodie Back

Written by Miles Monroe II 

I’m glad to welcome back a familiar face to SwanoDown, Kid Travis. He has been consistently delivering outstanding music that is connecting with his fan base, every time out. He revels in his experiences and we get some dope music from Kid Travis. 

On, I Want My Hoodie Back, we are taken back to one of "those" times. We can all remember a certain relationship that had everything we wanted. And as easy as we can give our love to someone, we can for sure take it back. 

Especially when it pertains to clothing, because let’s face it, what we give a female to wear is actually one of our favorites. Beyond that, it’s about getting back a piece of mind. Depending on the level of hurt that was caused is part of the reason we never can forget an ex. 

Kid Travis told SwanoDown: "I’ve had similar situations before with other girls, but the one I’m singing about probably hit me the hardest, which is where I drew the inspiration from."

For me, he’s practically preaching to the choir. They're some people you can never forget based on their actions. Beyond being relatable, his voice is something that shouldn’t be slept on. It commands our attention and he’s firm on his task. Damn it, The Man wants his hoodie back and I’m all for it. 

Check it Out: 


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