SwanoDown SitDown w/ Kid Travis- Strawberry Skies

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Kid Travis, showed up and showed out, on this one. 

You may know Kid Travis from his stripped-back covers on YouTube, with several of them surpassing millions of views. On his latest single, Strawberry Skies, he gives his audience a solid taste of some original content. 

Strawberry Skies has a groovy bassline, and a steady drum pattern that Travis easily glides over. His voice is incredibly polished. Pitch, breath control, and a clear sense of melody, are all prevalent in Travis’ musical approach. He also creates an earnest and believable atmosphere while singing to his love interest on this track. 

"Strawberry Skies all on your lips, cause' I love how it taste." A great line, that feeling is relatable. We all have that one thing we can't get enough of, from the person we love. 

Kid Travis told SwanoDown:

"When recording my song, Strawberry Skies, I felt a very warm, nostalgic, and almost dream-like vibe. I could almost paint the image in my mind, specifically of me and my crush at the time, cruising in a convertible down a very empty road enjoying the blue, pink and yellowish hues of the sunset. That image alone is what inspired me to make the song."

As stated earlier, Travis has had great success with performing and remaking covers. SwanoDown asked Travis if his approach ever differs while writing an original piece. Travis responded: 

"When making covers, the technical side of recording is still the same as recording originals. However, the creative side of me has to deal with a lot more fishing. [More specifically], fishing for the right melodies and the arrangement of the record.

This is piece will easily slide into your next date night. 

Listen to Strawberry Skies


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