SwanoDown SitDown w/ Mark Evich

Written by Grayson Jones

There’s still hope for R&B in 2021. The genre had taken a beating with several commercial sounds being reduced, reused, and recycled. One of my favorite genres was suffering from artists manipulating the same sound. I felt the responsibility to sit down with an artist that has been doused with the Linguistic prowess to bring cutting edge material to the genre.

Mark Evich is a Singer-songwriter and producer with an extensive background in musicianship and language. His music is in a pocketed blend of groove and soul. What I took from our conversation and his most recent release from
Twice Upon a Time is that staying true to the music was as important as the success that follows. Evich has his hand in all the right branches of the industry. Behind the mixing software, his primary line of work is producing. With performances alongside names like Black Assets, and performing in Afram, when asked about his outlook and aspirations in regards to his artistry, he feels he has a clear cut strategy but not a clear path. His ability to adapt to his environments gives him malleability. Implementing styles into his music that he learned while traveling, along with his already steadfast personality= makes his lyricism wholesome and well rounded. A personal favorite track of mine is Magenta - A resonating piece with a solo to live for. 

During my time spent with Mark, my immediate impression was maturity, and diversity. He has an innate ability to see multiple disciplinary perspectives. When I asked Mark where he wanted to see himself in 10 years he responded:  "I want to be a respected member at the top of soul/R&B and it’s something you need to earn.” A driven response, one I would expect from him.

The expectations for Mark in the near future will be progression. Having fan bases in multiple countries, he will continue his development as one of the most respected, coolest dudes in Los Angeles. Be sure to check out
Twice upon a time, out now on Spotify! 

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