SwanoDown SitDown w/ Mathias Le Fèvre

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Look at the photo above. 

What are the first adjectives that come to mind? Elegant? Pristine? In Vogue? All of them would be fitting (no pun intended). Mathias Le Fèvre, is a Danish model and creative director, currently based in London. Fèvre specializes in tailoring, and has worked with several of the iconic tailors of Savile Row; Hackett, Gieves & Hawkes, Edward Sexton, Huntsman... 

Being a model and skilled tailor, we asked Mathias about his intertwining of the two crafts. 

He told SwanoDown:

"Spending a lot of time in front of the camera was my introduction to the world of fashion. After several years working in the industry, I started consulting brands on campaign development, -production and design. I see both roles as extensions of each other, sometimes resulting in an even more comprehensive partnership with my clients."

Having worked within the high profile Savile Row, that experience had an impact on Mathias and his approach to tailoring, as expected. 

"I would say that a great tailor is someone who knows their craft to perfection and someone who understands your needs while inspiring your vision. Working with Savile Row tailors first of all taught me a lot of the history behind the craft. From the creation of the modern-day suit to all the tales and gossip of every house on the Row. I learned most rules of formal dressing and I learned that sometimes some must be broken…" Stated Fèvre.

Keep up with Mathias Le Fèvre on Instagram:



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