SwanoDown SitDown w/ Mekhi The Great- Throw Yo Dubs Up

Written by Chris Yangello 

Music holds a special place in the lives of million, if not billions of fans all across the world. The way different songs, artists, and tunes can affect your mood, mind, and overall day is truly something magical. Whether it be an artist you’ve grown up listening to, or a new up and comer that you’ve recently started listening to this year, each of us have our own roster of artists we favor when it comes to listening to music.

While I personally have always had a select few artists that I consider to be my favorite, I’ve always been a fan of the up and comers. For example, I’ve been a Lil Uzi Vert fan since late 2016. Yet, I only recently started listening to Nardo Wick (a Florida based rapper who has been steadily on the rise)! I find that these up and comers always have a little creative spark just waiting to be discovered at the right time. Some have a chance to display this spark sooner than others, but if it’s meant to be, it will!

One of these talented artists that I’ve recently stumbled across is an artist by the name of Mekhi The Great. Recently, Mekhi dropped a music video for his hit song “Throw Yo Dubs Up”. After listening to the record and watching the video, I knew very quickly that this was an artist who I wanted to learn more about. Today, I was lucky enough to virtually sit down with Mekhi The Great and discuss life as an artist, tips for other rising artists, and more.

Initially, with so much on my mind to ask, I wasn’t quite sure where to start. However, I figured learning about his entrance into the world of music would be a great option. After being asked “What led you to start a career as a musician?” Mekhi responded: “I always had a strong passion for music and I always used to freestyle for fun but never thought about taking it serious until I was with my friend one day and we both just started writing a song and when we put it out we got crazy feedback so I stuck to it and that's when I thought I could probably make this a career.”

Crazy to see how a startup can come from anywhere. Mekhi’s talent stems much further than just one song. However, “Throw Yo Dubs Up” only summarizes a tad of the melodic beats, creative flow, and talented lyrics that make up Mekhi for who he is as an artist!

I asked Mekhi where he saw himself in five years in terms of his career as an artist, and he said: “Within the next 5 years I could see myself with a solid platform and being a well known name in the music industry!” A big, but very reachable, goal for an artist as talented as Mekhi the Great is. Lastly, I questioned Mekhi on advice he would give to an artist just getting started, his advice was beyond helpful. Mekhi stated: “If I could tell an artist looking to make an impact in the music industry one thing it would be do it because you love it, because you want it to sound authentic and real and just stay consistent.”

If you’re looking to give a much deserving artist a listen, look no further than Mekhi The Great. Also be sure to check out his official music video, available for streaming on Youtube for his hit track “Throw Yo Dubs Up.”

Lastly, give him a listen on Spotify to see all of his incredible tracks, releases, and more using the link provided below:


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