SwanoDown SitDown w/ Mr. Dalvin

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This is a heavy lineup.

These artists may be some of your favorites. Mr. Dalvin, JoJo Hailey (from Jodeci), and Snoop Dogg, teamup up for a remix of, Special, a cut that has been released a few times prior. However, on this rendition, Mr. Dalvin adds a bit more spice to the mix. 

The instrumentation is funky. Dalvin curates an entirely different vibe from its predecessor. With a heavy bassline, and party-esque percussion, Dalvin  redesigns this joint for the dancefloor.

Dalvin told SwanoDown: 

"Well, I wanted to kind of spark a kind of 90’s vibe and just a make a feel good melodic club banger."

With three highly established artists being together on one track, we questioned if there is ever any difficulties with establishing creative control. 

Dalvin responded: 

"Being that it was Jojo and Snoop Dogg, they made it fairly easy. They are both really talented individuals so my job on the "Special Remix," was just going in, and stripping it down to just the acapella- rebuilding a whole different vibe."

Check out, Special (Remix): 


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