SwanoDown SitDown w/ Ronnie Lott- Over Your Side

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

What's the best adjective to describe this piece? Melodic? Catchy? Memorable?

Simply put, Ronnie Lott and Kirko Bangz give us a replayble track. Don't take that lightly, I'm already on replay number 8. 

Ronnie's voice flows effortlessly over a continuous melody and hard hitting bass in the instrumentation. His vocal performance on this  hook shows a true confidence in his melody. On a cut like this, Ronnie's level of poise is key. 

Lott told SwanoDown: 

"With this record, I wanted my listeners to be able to simply feel good and remember a time when they had that one person who held it down. If you play the song and think about that one person you had love for who always held you down- it really gives you a different listening experience."

Ronnie's work on the hook exquisitely lays room for Kirko Bangz to spit his verse. It was a smooth pass of the baton (or microphone). Bangz slick candace and vocal timbre keeps the piece rocking. There's no disconnect between the two artist . During his verse, Bangz gives us a few one liners that listeners can use on their next IG post. "Last night I was wildin'. My phone on silent." 

Ronnie asserted: 

"I always stick to one code in my writing process , and that is writing what I feel, which in theory, results to writing for myself. The shocking thing about it is, a lot of the things I feel- others feel too. So, I think it creates a great deal of authenticity because people can relate or find a connection in what I’m saying."

Put your seatbelt on. Get in the car. And turn this up: 


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