SwanoDown SitDown w/ SAGEALINA

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Photo by Lukey Lenz 

Music, culture, and fashion are all topics that we hone in on at SwanoDown. In a way, all of the aforementioned are intertwined. Think about it. Do we only remember Michael Jackson for his hit records? Of course not. His red jacket with zippers, white glove, and high water pants are just as memorable. And the impact he's had on several cultures is unmatched. Now, I know Mike is an icon, but I'm just using him as an example. 

American-Brazilian artist SAGEALINA brings plenty of music, fashion, and culture to the table. If you check out some of her visuals, it's obvious she is dedicated to her aesthetic. Whether it be her fluid hairstyles, edgy outfits, or designer pieces, she seems to never lack in the visual department. And did I mention she has alluring music videos too? That shouldn't be much of a surprise, SAGEALINA is calculated and precise in her endeavors. 

"Music and fashion come hand in hand with each other. As an artist, I just feel that everything's a feeling. So, the way you dress should make people feel something, and the way you sound should make people feel something,” Said SAGEALINA. 

Her sound is one that is naturally diverse. On records like “Amor Bandido” and “Cuando,” SAGEALINA provides us with sultry vocals, complemented with party-ready percussion. Even if you’re shy, you can’t help but move your feet when they come on. However, on a song like “Enemies,” SAGEALINA gives us serious insight into some of her takes on life. She slows things down a tad and gives us time to internalize her sentiments. She delivers her messages in English, Spanish, and sometimes both. 

“I am a storyteller. So, when I write music, I might expand that story. You know? And then I’ll pull from my imaginative side. But I mostly write from real life experiences,” She said.

”When I’m writing an upbeat song, I pull from high-energy frequency. I’m feeling lit, or that’s the intention, that’s what I think of. But when I write a song like “Enemies,” I try to summon something. I try to get to the core of whatever I’m talking about.”

SAGEALINA’s boldness becomes more apparent as you maneuver through her musical catalog. There’s no fear in sight. 

Check out her Work Below:


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