SwanoDown SitDown w/ Selamo


Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Some people just have “it.” A certain aura, a certain look, a certain sound... all of the tangible and intangibles that a successful musician is bound to have. Let me introduce you to Selamo, an artist from Israel, now living in Hollywood, pursuing an attainable dream.

If you peruse through Selamo’s Instagram (@selamomusic),  you’re bound to find snippets of her singing covers of Whitney Houston, Cher, and several other notable artists. It’s immediately evident that Selamo has a copious amount of strength in her voice. Pitch control, zeal, and vocal awareness are also prevalent. As great as these covers are, Selamo is also a dedicated songwriter. She told SwanoDown: “To come from Israel, the culture is totally different... there’s more RnB here, soul, Hip-Hop… but it did not have any impact on my songwriting.”  However, Selamo did say some of her unreleased songs revolve around her being a woman, living in a different country. “[A few of my songs] are about bad relationships, relationships that didn’t work, and how it feels to be alone, as a woman, in a different country. I’ve been down and hurt, but it’s about how you can motivate yourself to be stronger as a woman.” Selamo stated. 

Selamo would consider her music as love music, but consisting of an uplifting tone. She is immersed within the entire creation of her songs. Selamo writes, and produces all of her compositions. She told SwanoDown that she also plays the keyboard, and guitar, doing most of her production on her keyboard. 

Having five sisters, and being inspired by her independent mother, Selamo takes the conscious initiative to focus on women empowerment in her music, and in her life. 

Take a listen to Selamo’s Latest Single, Lion (I Can Do it):


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