SwanoDown SitDown w/ Toosii

Written by Lucas “Lukey Lenz” Ballard 

In today’s melodic era of rap there are a few that stand at the top. Toosii is a fine example of deep, heartfelt, guitar based, trap melodies. The breakout star has made a living off of revealing his story of the streets and heartbreak. It’s evident that he is an extremely humble person and differs little from the music he releases. Having grown up in poverty, Toosii found an artistic outlet in music. As time passed and his craft evolved, Toosii found notoriety, eventually expanding from Raleigh, North Carolina which is not too far from another star, Dababy. 

Not only is he down to earth but one of the defining features of his music is the use of guitars, claiming that he truly saw this wave of trap guitar beats coming. Toosii has an album that will be released on May 7 and it is likely that we will see those themes of life in the trenches and all around emotion displayed on the project. Only being 21, Toosii has a vast amount of wisdom imploring that “Life is what you make it.”  This is essentially true as people should always seek to see past their weakness and power through any disadvantage they may have. It is never a good feeling to be down in life, but Toosii seeks to be the example, especially for young kids from his hometown. “...people are so stuck on what goes on around where they are, they never get to experience the real world.” Toosii is working on getting community centers in Syracuse, New York and Raleigh, North Carolina. He made it a point of emphasis that not too many people have been role models coming out of Syracuse and mentioned Carmelo Anthony, long standing Syracuse University legend. The main goal of these community centers will be to focus on the fact that the world is tough and to expand the minds of the kids who may not get to see much outside of their everyday bubble. 

In honor of his album release, Toosii signed over 10,000 cd copies and sold them to fans. He stated the importance of this by saying: “...this album is personal.'' The hard copies sold out in less than two days. Nonetheless, he came back and signed a few hundred more. In terms of his future endeavors, Toosii is one to look out for as he made Complex’s “Rappers to Watch in 2021.” Be sure to download Toosii’s upcoming album “Thanks You For Believing” out now on all platforms.

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