SwanoDown SitDown w/ Waynewood

Written by Imani Wj Wright

I just finished listening to Waynewood's single, Body Bags.

Every attribute of this song is pure art.

There aren't any gimmicks here. Not a single one. Heavy bass? No. Popstar features? Nope. Introspective and heartwrenching songwriting? You better believe it. The environment that Waynewood creates here is as dark as the story being told. While looking at the song cover, and listening to his subdued vocal color, you can't help but brew a sense of sympathy.

As the guitar strums away, Waynewood sings: "Body bags under my eyelids... no sleep, I'm not invited." This is just one of many chilling lines throughout. 

Waynewood told SwanoDown: 

"To be honest, I never really think about what I’m trying to give to an audience. I’ve been openly selfish in writing about my own feelings at that specific moment in time. Being diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder with psychotic features, I use music as my own therapy in a way.. so that’s why I say my music is a bit selfish. If someone listening can take something from the way im feeling, I am happy about that as long as it’s positive." 

His "openly selfish" writing style is evident. Specifically on this track, the audience seems to get a private look into Waynewood's outward thoughts. 

Waynewood asserted: 

"Some of my newer listeners tell me to stay in one genre or the other but this is the exact reason I’ve turned down multiple record deals. You can't box Me in or Waynewood would not exist. I have to practice what I preach and that’s, be yourself at all times but, don’t force others to be like you. So…  individual freedom and honesty!"

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