SwanoDown SitDown w/ Whitney McClain- Don't Believe Ya

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

I'm feeling this. Those are the first words that I thought to myself while listening to, Whitney McClain's single, "Don't Believe Ya." 

The opening measures host a steady guitar line, and subtle, but prevalent percussion. The mood is established immediately, and sets the tone for Whitney's vocals. She begins the composition, speaking to her love interest, mentioning some of their inconsistencies, and referring to their characteristics as "hollow" and "see through." You get the breadth of Whitney's emotional state through her tonality and vocal color. 

Whitney told SwanoDown:

"I just hoped this song would be therapeutic to people going through similar circumstances as I did, navigating through love and life. I want, Don’t Believe Ya, to be a song [that] people can relate to, based on their own life experiences."

She continued:

"My goal is for my music to connect to my listeners and help them with whatever they are going through as they apply my art to their own life situations."

Just as Whitney does on her other works such as, "Fireplace," she uses her songwriting to paint a vivid/relatable story for listeners. While doing so, she doesn't lack any creativity. Lyrics like: "To tap into my heart, we don't need Morse code," substantiate the aforementioned claim. 

Whitney asserted: 

When writing songs, I like to reflect on past experiences I’ve gone through while also trying to be relatable at the same time. However, when I do write music that is not about my own past experiences, I try to look at the world and other people’s experiences, and put myself in their shoes. That helps me to really connect with the topic of the song and approach it from an empathetic position."

Check out Whitney McClain's latest single, Don't Believe Ya:


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