SwanoDown SitDown w/ X.ILE- Grapecrush [Report]

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Some compositions have that sound to make you feel joyful and better about the day. You know what I mean? That sun in your face, laying in the sand, sipping on an ice-cold beverage feeling. And on X.ILE's track, Grapecrush (feat. KOI & BLKZEN) it encompasses several attributes that can give you those feelings.

The production on this joint immediately sets the mood/tone. Its melodies and full drum patterns are quite professional, and are reminiscent of something Calvin Harris would reproduce. When you dive deeper into the track, you may even hear some notes that remind you of a Calvin Harris and Frank Ocean collaboration. 

X.ILE elaborated on the intent of this record: 

"With this track, I was trying to occupy the space between Hip-Hop & Synth Pop. I haven’t really released music with such a groovy nature like this track, so I didn’t design this one to appeal to any one specific emotion. Primarily, I’m really just trying to make people move on this one." He stated.

If you listen to the vocals and songwriting on this piece, the aforementioned is evident. The melodies created, and slick lyricism throughout is certainly fit for the party scene. 

X.ILE Told SwanoDown:

"...With this song, while the lyrics were lightly inspired by my personal life, the danceability of the track was geared primarily for the audience. The opposite extreme is this spoken word track I have on my 2017 EP San Junipero called Momma’s Boy, a completely personal piece that’s value is purely artistic and not commercial. Each track/project varies at the artist’s discretion."

Check out Grapecrush by X.ILE:


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