Curated by Grayson Jones
Here at SwanoDown, we listen to a ton of music on a DAILY basis. And during these days, of course, there are standout tracks. Below you'll find the 10 compositions we feel you should check out tonight, (or soon). We find these artists to be the most cutting-edge. And oh yeah, this is in no particular order... You decide!
Compositionally elevated songs by artists like Jon Thorstensen, Tefari, and John Alone, are all featured today.

Scrilla King- Tofu

Some call it productive reasoning. I call it winning my girl back. Some call it simping, Scrilla simply calls it TOFU.

Salin- Heads Up (feat. Wayne

Salin informs us all on the reality of life, discussing bigotry, deception and betrayal. Take the chip off your shoulder and dip it into this fresh salsa mix!

Itz Emo x Bankroll Tru- Far Away

The dynamic duo like Starsky and hutch, in the clutch, far far away, the trap love song from Itz Emo and Bankroll Tru can hit a soft spot in the hardest of characters.

Poet 22- Over it

In utter disregard for anything else relating to the topic is Poet 22. Discussing heartbreak is always a sensitive topic... for some.

Tefari x InkaJ- Blue Sky Holiday

The “Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats” type of drum pocket only makes the hook hit harder. Blue Sky Holiday is nothing but good vibes.

Ridney- Constantly (feat. Natalie Wood)

Taking house music to the mind. Looping the thoughts of love and missing significant others made Ridney’s and Natalie’s Constantly.

John Alone- Ready Now?

Afro-pop sometimes feels like it became an American sensation overnight. The impact the style has made on the world is a beautiful thing. All the way from the United Kingdom is a variation of this great form of musicianship.

Jon Thorstensen- Secret Place

The best groups usually just have one go-to musical phrase, from which they bounce ideas off of each other. Secret Place keeps the mind-expanding solos confidential. We are still here wondering how it’s done.

Pine Hound- Forsythia

Instruments lay over instruments. Great for interpretive dance, or a free draw to ease the mind. Forsythia’s are the easiest bushes to grow.

Orcas and Dolphins- Floral Aura

More of a journey, the song takes several miniature interludes but stays within the happy taste of Soul music in 2021.

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