Curated by Imani Wj Wright
Here at SwanoDown, we listen to a ton of music on a DAILY basis. And during these days, of course, there are standout tracks. Below you'll find the 10 compositions we feel you should check out tonight, (or soon). We find these artists to be the most cutting-edge. And oh yeah, this is in no particular order... You decide!
Compositionally elevated songs by artists such as Golden Hour, Jane Ove Fjeld, and Mr Julz, are all featured today.

Maelo y Su Klan– Son Onomatopeya

Ahh yes. What a way to start this Swano's 10. 'Son Onomatopeya' is jet-packed with high levels of energy. I mean, my goodness. I want to gather my bags right now and head on an eight day vacation. I can feel the sun on my face with this one. I don't know, you may catch me with a smile on par with the picture above.

FCG Heem- Back Stabbers

Heem has an innate ability to deliver his story in a manner where his audience feels just as involved and engaged with the journey. That aforementioned is quite evident of Heem's emotive track, 'Back Stabbers'.

Golden Hour- horchata

As I first glanced at this record's cover, I didn't know what sound was I planning to get. The Magic School Bus mixed with a little Dark Side of the Moon maybe? We have gorgeously played horns, coexisting with subtle, but enormously effective drums on 'horchata'. The reverb and engineering of this joint is incredibly produced as well. This jazzy cut has become one of my all-time favorites.

Johnboybeats & Plon B.- Chill Waters

This piece has the that Johnboy and Plon B sound that we've come to love here at SwanoDown. The airiness of the melody, along with the paced resonating percussion & bass make for a track that lives up to its name.

Jane Ove Fjeld- Drifting

This piece is so very cinematic. Everything about it gives color to your emition. There are varying types of visuals this composition could go with- somberness, internal joy... Jane Ove Fjeld's artistic brilliance reigns on 'Drifting'.

FNTN- Impossible Summer

I'm sitting here with Apocalypse Now playing on my TV in the background, and for some reason, I can see this song fitting within that film somewhere. The riff on this piece has an enticingly cheerful sound, and it has an almost utopian tone. A "too good to be true" feeling. If you're trying to get lost in the moment, turn this record on.

Val-Verrel- Gone

Yes sir! This is a joint you turn on when you're with all your homeboys and turn all the way up. It gives you some vitality and puts a pep in your step!

Mr Julz x Egar Boi- You Are Mine

From the smooth melodies, easy-on-the-ear percussion, and late night lyrical content, this piece is a gem for those night with your special someone.


This is one of those pieces which can take you down a mental spiral you may not want to experience. However, those moments are sometimes necessary evils for growth. LEAF MAN creates a musical soundscape similar to something you could hear on Blond by Frank Ocean. LEAF MAN's artistry is vividly on display with 'DEAD DREAMs'.

Q.ROCK639- Tales From The City Of Refuge

The delivery of Q.ROCK639 may be an acquired taste, but his lyrical finesse in conjunction with his storytelling ability makes for an ear-grasping listen.

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