SWANO's 10 [Volume 3] pt.4

Curated by Imani Wj Wright 
Here at SwanoDown, we listen to a ton of music on a DAILY basis. And during these days, of course, there are standout tracks. Below you'll find the 10 compositions we feel you should check out tonight, (or soon). We find these artists to be the most cutting-edge. And oh yeah, this is in no particular order... You decide!
Compositionally gifted artists like Ch!mes, Flo Fi, and Delibass, are all featured today.

Kosmo Sound- Aunt Sister Lydia

I've had a few typos trying to write about this piece. I can't manage to stop my shoulders from moving to the rhythm of this bassline. A great mix of raw/natural sound, and some in studio elements. And I think I just heard some heard Curtis Mayfield influences in here... Hold up- this just got even better.

Pleasonic- Catnap

This piece is absolutely gorgeous by itself, but geez, I can only imagine what a sultry vocalist could add to this piece. The melodies, and minimalism here gel so well. My ears continue to hear a voice like Bilal's or Jill Scott's potentially do something lovely to this. 

Hagiga- Optimistic View

This cut takes us back to the roots of this Volume's inception- Jazz. The mix & master of "Optimistic View," is done just right. The engineering seems to place you directly in the room in which these instruments were being played. If you turn off the lights, and put your headphones on, it becomes easy to get lost in the professionalism and class presented by Hagiga. 

Flo Fi- Colour Blinded

We asked you to turn the lights off for Hagiga's track, but for this Flo Fi piece, completely close your eyes. Contrary to the title, when I shut my eyes listening to this, I saw an abundance of beaming colors. There were such intricate sounds and vibrations provided. This is one of those tracks that you not only listen to, but you experience. 

Billy Hammer- wonder

It took me a couple listens to figure out if this would go best with a singer or a hip-hop artists, and I finally came to my decision. Both. It has to be both. My oh my, this joint right here, from the strings, to the percussion is an absolute gem.

 Delibass- Junya

There's so much mystique around Junya, and DeliBass' EP, Jundo. The opening moments develop so much suspense, and encapsulates your senses. That feeling is consistent as this piece develops into a full-fledged compositional beauty. Take a second, look at the image above. View it from afar... Great. Now  analyze it up close. What do you see? Something different? Did it stay the same? Either way, you have to appreciate an artist that gracefully keeps you on your toes.

Ch!mes- Mystic

There's so much to enjoy here from Ch!mes. Hard-hitting drums, resonating bass, and sporadic vocal samples that seem to be timed quite perfectly, in tandem with the instrumentation. They're not overdone, but also not missed. Mystic shows a command over sound and a producer with keen compositional awareness. 

Digby Jones x Funkdust- Fresh

'Where is this piece taking me?' I quietly uttered that when Fresh began. I thought I knew the answer, but I was certainly mistaken. The piece begins in a very unassuming manner, and then suddenly takes you to a place of groovy guitar and unapologetic bass. Enjoy the ride.

B-Dub The Gawd- Beach Bum

This joint can fit the mood of various surroundings. Sitting on a patio in the summer, looking out the window while rain drops fall steadily in sync- and even during the winter while sipping on some chocolate. These horns will conjure up memories and even put you in a trance. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with that...

Brother James x John Arndt- I’m Never Gonna Let Her Go

This takes me back to my days at Peabody Institute. On Saturday mornings, when I wasn't in my private lessons, I had having the honor to watch some of the top pianist in the world perfect their craft. There isn't a moment during the entire 2:07 duration that I didn't feel completely immersed in the keys. Listen to some of the notes hang, as if he’s leaning in to kiss her, or hold her, stuck in suspense, gazing in awe and adoration.

Deborah Stokol- Teal

I've basked in the bluesy subtleness of this composition a few times today already. Deborah is truly a professional. Listen to the color, the dynamics, the tone that she brings here. She treats the piano with care. Truly embodies the instrument, and conveys an easily memorable soundscape. 

Moonsum- Language of the World

Here's a piece that has several sounds that are subtle in their approach, but are incredibly prevalent in their impact. And in a composition that lasts less than 2 minutes, you get an increasingly expanded sound. The replay value of this thing is extensive.

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