Curated by Grayson Jones
Here at SwanoDown, we listen to a ton of music on a DAILY basis. And during these days, of course, there are standout tracks. Below you'll find the 10 compositions we feel you should check out tonight, (or soon). We find these artists to be the most cutting-edge. And oh yeah, this is in no particular order... You decide!
Compositionally elevated songs by artists such as Carly Butler, Erwin Deleux, and Gold Spectacles, are all featured today.

Meredith Crawford– What’s Her Name

If you ever dated in 2010, you could have used someone like Gretchen Wilson to overcome the distraught condition from being cheated on. Meredith Crawford fills the void in her heart with Indie Rock patterns, high energizing motions, and an excerpt of a lousy significant other. What used to be pain and anger is now confidence… an exultant display of “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.”  The song captures the anger that could make you feel like you never want to hear their name again. But for peace of mind, we ask “What’s her name?”

Kaanin X Shris–  Ride 2 (remix)

Vocally giving off Giveon and Jessie Reyez, you can either space out with the seductive lows, or you can strain your neck from bobbing to the thought of a hot and heavy ride with Kaanin, Shris, and this spacious hip hop instrumentation.

YP– Baby Blue

YP may not be the first South-Korean artist in your playlist But the latest one added would bring you front and center with their eclectic sound. YP or Yoon Park portrays his Baby Blue mistress like a true MC. Uncover the truth about “Baby Blue.”

Carly Butler– cringe!

When you’re not sure if you’ve heard it before, you haven’t. [C]ringe! Is a common story about that ‘weak at the knees’ feeling we succumb to around someone special. A unique quality of Carly Butler’s music is capturing the feeling of common life within her prosody. 

Erwin Deleux– Mauna

A piano ballad with room just for you! Unlike his other work, Erwin Deleux asks you to be okay with not filling in the blanks in Mauna. For the heavy mind, with very little to say- the fermatas or long pauses, leave space to be…

EdenRain– Oh God

To be complicit in peace or to be successful and anxious? Oh God, by EdenRain is a chart-worthy hit that comes with a confining conundrum. Like the Garden of Eden they create peace, through instrumentation and theme. Like Rain, she presents chaos from being chastised between the anxiety of financial hardship  and the hap-hazardous feeling of a high.

Gold Spectacles– Felines

What could later be titled “Classic” is now titled, Felines. Musically jubilant, by verse one you feel alive. The overall presentation is a fun, light, and vivacious song to enjoy. Underlying within the lyrics is where the Gold Spectacles give empathy towards the social dilemmas. Listen in!


A young artist with a Falsetto to share! Frankie. welcomed us to Wonderworld by collaborating a Dream Pop atmosphere with a shocking truth for love. This song is meant for the youth and their burning curiosity for love. This song is perfect for watching clouds in fields, singing in traffic (tints preferably), or anytime with someone special.

Jan Ove Fjeld– Shadow Mind

Have great expectations for Jan Ove Fjeld. As a pianist, Fjeld displays a level of maturity and professionalism through his performance. Where some would take a more bombastic approach, Jan Ove Fjeld tastefully adds some flare to a peaceful piece called, Shadow Mind.

C-Rxch– 7pm Jazz

Another smooth Lofi or an instrumental guideline on how to wrap up a session? For musicians of all skills, 7pm Jazz from C-Rxch should be used like Closing Time by SemiSonic. With the perfect bounce, this jazz vamp is great for montaging, relaxation, and driving!

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