SWANO's 10 [Volume 3] pt.8

Curated by Lukey Lenz 
Here at SwanoDown, we listen to a ton of music on a DAILY basis. And during these days, of course, there are standout tracks. Below you'll find the 10 compositions we feel you should check out tonight, (or soon). We find these artists to be the most cutting-edge. And oh yeah, this is in no particular order... You decide!
Compositionally gifted artists like Seb Says, Pueblo Vista and Dirty D, are all featured today.

Kosie x Doran Danoff- AIRFRAME

In between ethereal keys and misty percussion lies a track that will elevate your senses. The vocals on this piece pair well with the instruments as well as the sounds that are interjected within. A perfect song for those evening sunsets with friends.

Dirty D- 88 Memories of You

Whether the feeling is a bit blue or triumphant, this song makes the listener feel like they learned a lesson for the better. The somber yet empowering saxophones in this tell a story of thoughtfulness.

Seb Says- Ships

Although this song has lyrics, it really speaks through the instrumentation. With the wavy guitar loop on top of the bright keys, this track can give you a feeling that’s rarely duplicated. Listen to this while staring at the stars.

11 Acorn Lane- Limo Spa

For all intents and purposes, this track makes you feel like you’re about to have a good day. The weather is nice and you’ve got on your favorite kicks. The guitar and percussion pair well, presenting a vibrant sound space.

Openness- Television Turnaround

Like a newly sparked idea, this track will carry you to new conclusions, new energies, and most importantly new meaning. The airy and distinct electric guitar holds up the track with the intermittent drums keeping you invested.

Pueblo Vista x Lamar Azul- Eclipse
Have you ever watched a show at a nightclub? If not, play this song with your LED lights around the house and light a candle to feel the atmosphere of elegant dresses, delightful scents, and of course mood setting music. Vista and Azul outdid themselves when they created this vibe.

Floyd Lavine & Elias (GER) feat Liam Mockridge- Raw Soul

If you wanna’ get up and groove, this should be one of the first songs you turn to. With a wide array of percussion, these drum hits are some of the most comforting sounds. If I had to put an image to it, I would say it’s summer and you’re wearing some fine, white linens with no socks.

5c A Dance x Poofy- Gratitude

With a mix of ethereal and island sounds, Gratitude strikes the earbuds causing a euphoria that you cannot get from most songs. This sound has a strong presence and can fuel an entire crowd of people.

Mike Gotthard- 9 Wheels

Guitars, guitars, guitars. It’s so much of what you can hear on this track. With a complementary supporting cast, Mike Gotthard really takes it to the listener. The riffs and switches are executed very well and throughout the song. Layer the sax, drums, and rarely bring in the keys, you’ll have a very dense track like this one.

The Simons Brothers Band- Nomadic

I’ve eaten at many restaurants and I would say if I had a steak and some red wine, this song would pair swimmingly with the two. The steady drums and guitar loop allow you to bob your head, while the piano gives you an image as you close your eyes.

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