SWANO's 10 [Volume 4] pt.8

Curated by Lukey Lenz
Here at SwanoDown, we listen to a ton of music on a DAILY basis. And during these days, of course, there are standout tracks. Below you'll find the 10 compositions we feel you should check out tonight, (or soon). We find these artists to be the most cutting-edge. And oh yeah, this is in no particular order... You decide!
Literary gifted artists like Drew Patrick, Mia Grace, and Gold Man, are all featured today.

Gold Man- That’s Love

“I need you cause you trust me, and we’ll see how that goes, but in my heart I know, that’s love” - Gold Man

Sun Kiss- I Can’t Help But Care

“We’re all out of money, and missed the whole party, and never find parking, and lost in the desert where nobody knows me” - Sun Kiss

Drew Patrick- Rooftops and Coffeeshops

“And I tried to move on...had a few dates here and there, wrote a couple of songs...Ain’t worth it to share” -
Drew Patrick

Sam Way- Livin

“I’m not made to be lonely, staring at my screen. I’ve tried replacing you with red wine and caffeine.” -
Sam Way

Daniel Etherton- Foundations

“From me to you I really do love you if I need to get battered and bruised; even stop a bullet for you.” -
Daniel Etherton

Edu Monteiro- You

“I could lay eyes on her smile all day long, so I picked up my guitar and wrote this song.”- Edu Monteiro

Lyras- The Journey

 “We all should second guess those thoughts that cause unrest, I know it’s hard not to get obsessed.- Lyras

Dylan Landau-
When We Land

“Yur life had barely begun, til he lifted up your spirit and led you to the sun” - Dylan Landau

Mia Grace- Wait

“If you think you’ll be the one to waste my time, Imma have to stop you at the starting line.” - Mia Grace 

Tiger Lily- venice beach when i met you

I don’t blame you but it still hurts when I’ll never know what I had to lose” - Tiger Lily


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