SWANO's 10 [Volume 4] Pt.11

Curated by Lukey Lenz
Here at SwanoDown, we listen to a ton of music on a DAILY basis. And during these days, of course, there are standout tracks. Below you'll find the 10 compositions we feel you should check out tonight (or soon). We find these artists to be the most cutting-edge. And oh yeah, this is in no particular order... You decide!
Literary gifted artists like Norelle, Mabes, and Orly Raquel, are all featured today.

Laventure- Give

“Oh don’t be shy. You know I’m just lookin’ at you. Can’t see no one but you in the crowd.” - Laventure

Underrated Evolution- Vibe With You

“Ain’t nobody else here, we could chill all day” - Underrated Evolution

BOKN- Honey

“Stop the time forever. It’s never too long. Forever is never too long” - BOKN

Norelle- A Letter to my Younger Self

“I almost lost it all, I almost gave it all trying to find the only thing that I could give myself.” - Norelle

Baren Abel- See

“Have you ever dreamed of a life with me? (Oh, woman) Could you ever see?” - Baren Abel

Orly Raquel- Dante

“I hand you the juicy flesh and you hand me back the core. I live in purgatory but I yearn for something more” - Orly Raquel

Andreas Owens- bad4you

“I wouldn’t waste a minute if I had you all to myself.” - Andreas Owens

Talk2Strangers- Healthy Love

“Most people wear a mask, holding back all their feelings” - Talk2Strangers

The Satellite Station- Chain Reaction

“So I watched you, watched you, watched you go. Fighting off the thought I’d die alone.” - The Satellite Station

Mabes- Radio

“Remember when I threw you out? I’m laughing cos it’s funny now, stupid things we did when we were young” - Mabes

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