SWANO's 10 [Volume 4] Pt.2

Curated by Imani Wj Wright 
Here at SwanoDown, we listen to a ton of music on a DAILY basis. And during these days, of course, there are standout tracks. Below you'll find the 10 compositions we feel you should check out tonight, (or soon). We find these artists to be the most cutting-edge. And oh yeah, this is in no particular order... You decide!
Literary gifted artists like Yasmina, Forgotten Garden, and J Blue, are all featured today

Yasmina- No Luv 4 Tha 'Ville

The amount of soul, vivid imagery, and relatability in this piece is bone-chilling. Yasmina's voice spills realism, social iniquity, and vulnerability. With a beautiful vocal timbre, and natural instrumental display, Yasmina describes her lack of "love" for her hometown of Amityville. This love lost is due to the racial divide that she has/does experience. "No Luv 4 Tha 'Ville"  may not have a copious amount of lyrics, but her performance reciprocates what words cannot.

Cross Atlantic- Just a Word (Acoustic) 

Some of the  best things in life are surprises. Spontaneity is welcomed, but it also can be jarring. Now- imagine meeting your meeting your future life-partner by happenstance. Like a real hardcore coincidence. These two didn't even hold citizenships in the same countries. This acoustic cut is truly raw, and minimal. Quite the juxtaposition, figuring how elaborate their life story is.  "Love was just a word till I found you." 

Forgotten Garden- Broken Pieces

This is a harsh reality, but not everything can be easily fixed. And in some extreme cases, it can't be restored at all. "Broken Pieces" sorrowfully displays the shattered fragments of a downtrodding relationship. 

Amillie- Foreign 

As soon as Amillie begins his first verse, it's clear this guy is a straight-up talent. When he holds the latter note at the 0:22 mark, singing:  "... And I am right here to give it to yaaa," there's no doubt he's taking you on a musical journey. This track doesn't have any themes that we've never heard before, but, Amillie's vocal composing, and storytelling make for an enticing song to play past 10pm... 

Khamari- That Girl

What puts a smile on your face? Who makes you proud? With the accompaniment of a strumming guitarist, Khamari makes it clear that the girl on the other side of the room is and/or will be his. "...We in a crowded room, got you feeling like it's just us two." From beginning to end, Khamari gracefully leads you through the night with his thoughts and potential lover. 

Seiichi- When You're Away

Strong feelings, especially love, can drive us into states that near insanity. With an absolutely passionate and deliberate performance, we listen to Seiichi deal with the yearning of wanting his lover's attention and affection. You could even speculate that the layered vocals on this piece are an engineering decision to show Seiichi's varying mental state with his partner, or even the varying status of their relationship. Listen to the guitar here, it's in almost perfect unison with Seiichi, what a piece or art.

Rook Monroe- Pink and Purple

No matter what, and no matter who, everything/everyone has an inception/beginning. Rook Monroe, reminds of  this fact on "Pink and Purple." Don't stress if you aren't where you think you should be, yet... He says it best, even Michelangelo had to start somewhere. 

Gigi MonRose- In Your Bed 

One of the most beautiful souls in music. Great energy, huge smile, and a ton of zeal. On this piece, all of those traits come to life. Gigi hits high several high pitches do remind us her womanly vigor and sexual liberation.

J Blue- Lighthouse 

Touching, inspiring, elegant... J Blue leaves it all out of us on Lighthouse. Her photographic lyricism is what  rings this piece together, along with the strength she possesses in her voice. Throughout life, we need people to get us out of dark spots. Here, Blue uses oceanic metaphors to describe one's role is providing light to the person they love. Rollin' waves, raging seas, crashing winds, hard to breathe. Life gets hard, dreams run low... Let me hold you when the road gets hard to tread... I can be your lighthouse, pushing all the darkness out."

Cindy Zhang- Run Away 

TVs can be replaced, coffee mugs can be refilled, and phones get traded in. Where am I going with this? Though many aspects of our lives seem interchangeable, some people's impact on you can never be duplicated. Cindy Zhang  lets her lover know that no one can lover her the way he does. We hear a much more sultry display from Cindy on this piece in comparison to some of her other works like Coffee and Finish Line. 

Melissa Ramsay- Free 
Melissa uses everyday sights like birds, cars, and the other side of our windows to describe her yearning for freedom and control over of life. A very relatable piece.

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