Curated by Imani Wj Wright
Here at SwanoDown, we listen to a ton of music on a DAILY basis. And during these days, of course, there are standout tracks. Below you'll find the 10 compositions we feel you should check out tonight (or soon). We find these artists to be the most cutting-edge. And oh yeah, this is in no particular order... You decide!
Literary gifted artists such as Crash, Kayls, and Bad Flamingo are all featured today.

Conor Maynard- By your side

“But if we gone save it, don’t make it out alive” - Conor Maynard

Francisco Martin- Passenger Princess

"Talking so passively, just want you next to me, ALL OF THE TIME" 
- Francisco Martin

HART- They Say

“They said love's the greatest sacrifice, so why they giving us advice” - HART

Bad Flamingo- Fire

“For your love, you say that you want it, I’ll do anything” - Bad Flamingo

Gideon King & City Blog- Turn Off The Sky

“Cause it’s 2AM in East New York & I’m cooking all alone”
Gideon King & City Blog

Kayls- Internet

 “I need to get off of the internet, I'm losing days to my depression,” - Kayls

Pieternel- Underneath This Skin (Acoustic Version)

"Underneath this skin I’m hiding the scars that I don’t want you to see, I’m learning to dance with the ghosts that won’t let me be." - Pieternel


"I wanna wake up to your body, and no other body. I wanna wake up to your body not just anybody." - Crash

Jade Fields- Paper Route

"Things are getting more expensive. This paycheck, how long can I stretch it? Money always got me stressin, second guessin every time I spend it."
- Jade Fields

Li Scott- Listen

"Still wearing that outfit that I bought you last year- birthday fit." - Li Scott

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