Swano's Lyrcial Shoutout: Conscience Rhyme

Written by Imani Wj Wright

For those of you who may not know- This is the first edition of Swano's Lyrical Shoutout. Yes! It's refreshing to start a new series here at SwanoDown, and Conscience Rhyme has cracked our inaugural episode.

"I'm a Pro" by Conscience Rhyme feat. OpSolo is a solid reach-back to retro 80s HipHop. If you're a pure HipHop head, you'll find joy in hearing production and a flow like this. There isn't flare in Rhyme's vocal inflection and there aren't any flamboyant bursts within the instrumentation. Simply put, it's a track of raw lyricism. the storyline is in the forefront. 

I'm about to go check out some more his Rhyme's work... You should too!

Check out Conscience Rhyme on Spotify

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