Sxintpeter (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown 

Sxintpeter will soon be a household name with the way he is dominating the entrepreneurial music industry.

Sxintpeter who also goes by the name Peter Rose, is a 32-year-old music artist who grew up in Harlem, NewYork. Jersey is his new home, and Peter believes that his surroundings are what influenced him to get into music and what helped him achieve his success at such a good age. 

While growing up and listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Biggie and Tupac, Peter knew that he wanted to get into the music industry.

Fortunately, living in Jersey, he could get a step ahead of the game as he was surrounded by famous faces every day. Today, Peter Rose boasts an impressive repertoire having written/co-written songs for G-Eazy, Remo the Hitmaker, Emanny, Jessalyn Gore, and Jaquae whose hit single, "About Every Dollar" featured on Love & Hop Hip and VEVO. His songs contain features from Bill Board top charters A-Boogie, Dave East, Remy Boy Monty, Eric Bellinger, Justina Valentine, Jadakiss to spotlight artists J.R. and Chris Rivers, son of deceased Hip Hop Legend Big Pun.  As well as creating globally appreciated tunes, Peter also works very hard on branding. The biggest business mindset in him knows that networking with big names will do wonders for his brand to grow even further. As someone who has started networking and putting work in, Peter has certainly rose within the music industry and made a name for himself among the stars.

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