Takar Nabam- Ashes (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Some songs hit differently when you sit back and reminisce on things. Takar Nabam puts us right into his world with his perspective on life and the mishaps that come our way. His latest single, Ashes, leans towards the more pessimistic side of life. He details all the things that burn to ashes, especially after a long road has been traveled. Those can be some traumatic times where hope seems lost. Confusion sets in and life becomes a question mark. I think this is where Takar takes his songwriting to another level.

Now laden in fumes, with no light

It’s suffocating outside 

I close my eyes and remind myself

That there is light somewhere

He shows an elevated sense of imagery and gave us a visual representation of what his feelings were. He also shows us a sign that there is hope in the world. Optimism creeps up at certain parts of the track. Takar crafted a relatable song for people in times of need who may not know how to express the dark times that they may be experiencing. He definitely has made a song that can help people get through trauma and persevere. 

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