A Place for Women to Celebrate One Another: TAP-IN Magazine (Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

Many of us have great ideas, visions, and goals. Some of us pursue the aforementioned more fervently than others, but nonetheless, the aspirations are unwaveringly present. So, it begs the question, ‘What separates the successful from the unsuccessful?’ One answer is time on task, and another is exposure. It’s easier said than done, and outlets like TAP-IN Magazine are essential for the growth of said people.

If you open up and flip through an edition of TAP-IN, you’ll find pages of successful and entrepreneurial-spirited women who are highlighted for pages at a time. Their photos are of high quality, and long-form stories are accompanied next to them. Better yet, TAP-IN allows this opportunity in a manner that doesn’t break the bank, or create any unnecessary barriers. “You do not have to spend a fortune to be featured. All it takes is one chance to make a positive difference in your business, and this is it! TAP-IN offers opportunities for all entrepreneurs to join a networking publication that will fully promote and celebrate their business endeavors,” According to TAP-IN’s website.

Opportunities as such don’t create themselves though- there is always someone behind the product/service’s conceptualization, and the execution. For TAP-IN, that person is Tandra Price. “I want to help women be able to celebrate each other,” Said Price. Her journey continues as she keeps the door open for women striving to progress.

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