Tanner Alexander- PAS DE FAUX (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Soundcloud went from finding the next biggest artist to a moderate decline. From there, they have mellowed to a streaming platform waiting for the artists to make their big debut.  PAS De FAUX put a pop on a rock Hip-Jop beat that rode like Kid Travis but hit the heart like Rod Wave. Beyond quality production, there is a lot of money that goes into making that perfect radio sound we have all come to love but what happens to the craft?

Tanner Alexander is not just an artist submitting tracks. Tanner Alexander is earning his stardom off the pure ground of making dope music. 

The music made is relatable to this younger generation, fun, and free. Tanner slid on this beat! What I would love to see from Tanner is some consistency, a lot of great sound cloud artists had their shine and died off from a lack of being able to produce.

Since I have never heard of Tanner, I am very excited to see if he can reproduce this energy I am feeling right now. If you ever get tired of listening to the same artists I strongly encourage you take a step out of your shell. PAS DE Faux made from a Don. Tanner’s not playing this year.

He recently released a FRIENDZ video, and has been grinding all year. He’s featured previously on our page with the same vocal presence you hear here. Let’s all support such a great artist, as we experience Tanner’s musical consistently for many more to come! 

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  • TAnner bEats wOmen

    He beats women To a pulp.

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