Taylor Piggott Ft. Rachel Costanzo- Raincoat (Midnight Version) [Track Review]

Written by Grayson Jones 

The word I will try to use to describe Taylor Piggot is piercing. Have you ever been in the winter rain and the wind freezes your skin and each raindrop is barely felt on your skin? As time passes in the cold, each drop layers your skin with chilled ice-water making you feel colder and colder. 

 When I endure weather like this, my brain becomes pessimistic. All I can think about is what body part I can’t feel. When I say Taylor’s voice is piercing, I mean it ensues the mind. His voice has a demanding presence that, in a way, forces you to listen to his warm vocals. "Piercing" isn't always a bad thing. Just like some jewelry- a piercing is a style that takes some edge to look good in. Which brings me to Rachel Costanzo.

 Performing on a track like this and not being swallowed whole by Taylor takes a special kind of woman. I just found out about Rachel and I like everything about her. Besides her looks, following, and style, I see dominance in her songwriting. Her lyrics like “These voices in my head telling me to get some rest, I've been patient.” are lyrics made for her to say with some attitude. Without changing the narrative of this song she has done just that and then some. I would like to see more collaborations from these two because I feel like the hits would be falling out of the sky! Which reminds me…

Take a listen:


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