Taylor Piggott- Superglue & Stickytape (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

What I learned from Taylor Piggott is that one too many broken promises will lead to either irreparable damage or a really dope song. In this case, both can happen at the same time- Superglue and Stickytape. It’s slow winding, but the build up for the chorus each time is 1 of 1.

Taylor’s intense descriptiveness brings to light, emotions that are hard to describe. We get the raw feeling of watching our love interest continue to methodically break our heart. It’s a burden, putting the pieces back to the puzzle, realizing nothing will ever be the same. His emotional scars bleed out on this song and once the audience feels it, that’s when you know it’s an incredibly good piece.

Sweep up the dust of my love

While I was waiting, for you to come home

Though the verses are minimal, Every line holds its own weight and then some. He flows seamlessly throughout Superglue and Stickytape, it doesn’t steer off into another world where we have to decipher what he means. No, it won’t take literal Super Glue and Sticky Tape to mend a broken heart, but it will require time and patience with the next person.

Superglue & Stickytape is a song that I’m appreciating the more I listen to it. Well done, Taylor. 

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