Tayo Sound- Someone New (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

It’s the natural tone and catchy chorus for me. Tayo Sound’s latest single, Someone New, is one of those standout tracks where you feel the vibe from its onset. He talks about that grey area when you realize a relationship isn’t working. And, this is not for those 1 or 2 month relationships either. If there was legit time put in for more than 8 months, you can relate. 

Everything is easy when you can give up and be back on the prowl, yet, there is always a part of ourselves that reflects on the past. It’s totally normal if you actually had an emotional attachment to a person. I don’t know if this message could’ve been presented any better, especially on this track. 

Tayo has a sound that's steadily been consistent on each song he drops. He gets increasingly better with each of those releases, raising the anticipation for more new music from him. The instrumentation is another standout from Someone New, along with the songwriting. Tayo is speaking from the perspective that we all feel in those stay or go moments- when we know someone may not be the best for us, but we have too much of a pure heart to be cold hearted. It’s these decisions that see where our head is. This is a song to truly appreciate and jam to every day of the week. 

Take a Listen: 



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