Tayong- Self Employed (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

This is the wave for 2021, self-employment and letting your money work for you. On Self-Employed, Tayong is proclaiming his independence and the ways that he does it. More than anything, I like the fact that he is preaching this message in his music. The idea of being your own boss is something worth rapping about. Some people don’t like to put in the extra work in order to be successful– by your terms. The risk is not taking a chance on yourself if you have desires of owning your own business. Tayong does a great job speaking on the sacrifices that have to be made. 

Imma make my own pie, so I can feed mi amor

Those sacrifices are worth the reward for success to come upon your business. A company can get rid of you in a heartbeat without any remorse and expect you to be fine, regardless of your financial situation. We have to beat them to the punch if we have a vision. Failing is a part of any successful story because you can learn from your mistakes, whether big or small. I was pleased by this song and encourage all my hip hop heads to tune in. Self-Employed is a motivational song for anybody who wants to build a legacy. 

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