Tayong- Trio (SwanoDown Report)


Reported by Miles Monroe II

Tayong effortlessly blends singing and rapping on his newest 3 song EP, Trio. He shows diversity within each piece, each with a specific message that is powerful and necessary. From this EP, we get to know more about him as a person and some beliefs he stands on. He starts it off with a record geared towards the ending of relationships, becoming vulnerable at times because it calls for that type of energy. 

From being around someone for a long period of time, to not seeing each other anymore can take some time to get used to. His experiences seem to carry his music and makes it enjoyable at the same time. He opens up about ownership and watching your hard work pay off, building a business from the ground up. He ends the EP with a lyrical barrage on Falling. Sonically, Tayong hits a groove on this EP and leaves us anticipating a full length project. 

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