Taythedxn (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Miles Monroe II

Taythedxn pours his soul out on this standout track from his album,
Dark Side: A Toxic Love Story. Heartbreak in the hills describes a betrayal of the worst kind: knowing you are just another horse in her stable. This song plays exactly like the title of the album because of the toxicity within the actions described in the song. No matter how you slice it, feelings will be hurt once you realize another guy/girl is in the picture. You thought you had your forever person, when it’s really the opposite. Taythedxn played to those emotions and we can hear the pain in his voice– which makes you want to sing along with him. He shows his personality and extends his audience with the rock/trap style beat. This was the perfect blend for the topic because it has the rager vibe.

I’m always eery of lyrics that reference suicide, but I’ve learned that these are the emotions that may go on at the sight of terrible news. Taythedxn has a unique voice and is the only person that could deliver on this type of song. I liked the story he’s telling as it fits well within the construct of his album. 


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