Teenear- Special Attention (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

Are you looking for a way to let someone special know you need a little extra boo time?

An r&b artist by the name Teenear has it covered with her new single “Special Attention.” But, this one is the acoustic version to the original single that she dropped back in 2020. She is a vocal powerhouse, every note, riff and run were done beautifully.

This version felt so intense, I grew very fond of the vocal build up as well as the instrumental build up. What better way can you let your partner know you need that special attention. The instrumentation in the acoustic version brings a lot more passion and liveliness to the song. “Special Attention” has the potential to be a soulful classic for the hopeless romantics.

While you’re at it, you should watch Teenear’s official video to the acoustic version of “Special Attention”. I loved her performance and actually watching the build of the song. The production was clean and she is just as beautiful as she sounds. Teenear has a way of making you feel her vocally and connect to her lyrically. I would add “Special Attention” to my grown and sexy r&b playlist. Go tune into “Special Attention” acoustic and all the other vivacious hits by Teenear.

Check it out:


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