Terry Bible x Super Finesse- Le Blues (feat. Olle Hellbring) [Track Review]

Written by Grayson Jones 

The late night drive is undefeated.

I enjoy late night drives for the lights, atmosphere, and music. Terry bible and Super Finesse helped me hone in on this lukewarm spring’s eve.

The genre is jazz. The song is titled Le Blues.

The track was insightful to say the least. Common in  smooth jazz records, you’re introduced to brass instruments and a subtle funky swing. The instrumentation demonstrates structure, while laid-back in rhythm. The atmosphere is almost like the outdoors passing me by down the freeway. The brass saxophone screams city culture to me. I think of Chicago, or New Orleans.

The vibraphone is played with yarn or rubber mallets and is a sight to see. Every note has been drawn out like a soul from a body. These two made a perfect track for a coasting experience. Looping Le Blue back in traffic put an ease to the restlessness I dealt with on the way to my house. As the track ends, a warlike car takes the shoulder around the traffic. I was shocked for no reason. Is this song not good to drive to because of how calm it makes you feel? We’re always moving so fast.

Check out Terry Bible and Super Finesse on Le Blues featuring Olle Hellbring:

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