Terry Blade- Strange Fruit (Track Release)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Performed by some of the most iconic musicians to ever grace the earth, Strange Fruit has been sang by artists such as Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and Jill Scott. 

This piece is not built for every vocalist. With such heavily rooted meaning, vivid lyrics, and historical impact, Strange Fruit needs to be handled with dignity and a heartfelt tone. DC Native, Terry Blade, does not disappoint with his rendition.

Fittingly released on Juneteenth, Blade sings this piece with intense amounts of horror and emotive darkness. He seamlessly vocalizes in his low register throughout the piece and takes his time with every uttering word. The engineering on this track is also well, a crisp but heavy sound pushes through the speakers. An overall chilling performance is by Blade is worth the listen.

As beautifully as this is sung, you still feel the eeriness of the strange fruit, which hanged from the Poplar Trees.


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