Tessa Violet- Wishful Drinking (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

Music is an art form that never, ever gets old. With so many different genres and artists roaming the industry all across the globe, your ability to hear something new is never in a drought. While new artists come out of the blue every day, finding one that speaks to you personally can be a little bit of a challenge!

Recently, I came across a fresher-faced artist named Tessa Violet. After listening to her new track titled “Wishful Drinking,” I can confidently say that I became a big fan of Tessa and a lot of her work. Wishful Drinking is a song that carries your emotions from start to end. Some may think it’s surprising, but I think I could listen to this song regardless of my mood, as I think different aspects of this song appeal to different moods/feelings!

If you’re looking to get hooked on an artist that will open your music taste, look no further than Tessa Violet. Also, be sure to stream “Wishful Drinking,” available now on Spotify using the link that I’ve attached below.


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